Parisian Burger

Parisian Burger

  1. Small round sour dough french roll
  2. Two beef Patties
  3. One piece of cheese kraft american
  4. Parisian Sauce

When the meat is done on side one, it was turn it over, add one and one half
tablespoons of sauce to one patty and cheese put on the other.

Take a spatula, pull up the patty that has the sauce on it, place it on the
patty with the cheese on it and then remove the pile from the grill using
the top half of the french roll to absorb the sauce, and put the pile on the
bottom part of the french roll.

Parisian Sauce:

(8) number ten cans of S.E. Rykoff ketchup. (2) one gallon jugs S.E. Rykoff
Mustard. (4) cups of dried shredded onion. (4) industrial spoonfuls of
pepper. (8) industrial spoonfuls of dried celery seed.

Take the four cupfuls of dried onions and fill the cups with warm water,
pour three of the eight cans of ketchup into, 15 gallon sized plastic can,
pour in two gallons of mustard, then add the last five gallons of ketchup.

Stir the ketchup and mustard together until they are well mixed. drain off
the excess water in the four cups of dried onions and mix the onions in with
the sauce.

Add the pepper and the celery seed. Stir

Parisian Burger Home Use size*

2 1/2 Cups of Ketchup S.E.Rykoff brand
1/4 Cup of Mustard
S.E.Rykoff brand 2 Teaspoons of Celery Seed
1/8th t Pepper
1/4 Cup of shredded dehydrated Onions (with enough water to rehydrate)

Let stand in refrigerator for a few hours. Heat before using. Add water to
thin, if needed.