Parmesean Chicken Fried Steak

I cooked this recipe posted by Kitchen Witch and it was YUMMY!! The Parmesean gave it a good flavor, steak was crispy. With recipes like this we might have to make you an honorary southerner. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Hi horselover,

I have looked for your recipe Parmesean Chicken Fried Steat and can’t find it.

Were is it at???

Hi Kitchen Witch,

I made a mistake in asking horselover where to find the recipe Parmesean Chicken Fried Steak and you are the one who has it. My husband wants it tonight


Hi KW,

It was simply delecious, my hubbie loved it as it was very different so yummy
In fact it was extra delecious YUM!!!

I had roasted garlic mashed potatoes and whole steamed green beans w/holindaise (spell it) sauce on them and corn muffins that I created sometime ago. I roasted my own garlic and used a lot of it as I love the taste of fresh garlic.



I’m glad that you liked the jokes, I will put more on the site later.

Hi KC,

We are haveing a program at our church and I am teaching the cooking class Sunday night I will do your Parmesean Chicken Fried Steak and then put it in the little cookbook that people will buy for $15.00 it will have 50 recipes in it that I have gotten over the past 55 years. I found some of my Mothers recipes that she gave me when I was a teenager stuck in a Bible that was in the attic in a trunk that had a lot of old quilts in that she made right after she married my daddy. I was checking to see if the quilts were in good condition after all those years and suprisingly enough they were all in very good condition all were wrapped in tissue paper and plastic. Just haveing them cleaned so we can use them. Well the Bible was in between the 35 quilts the trunk was locked and the people did not try to open it when they stole us blind at the storage shed. We had a hard time finding the key to open it with to it was a very old trunk in perfect condition that she packed for us before she died in 1981 at 79 years old. We found the key in a safty deposit box as my brother had the key to her box and had never opened it after she died. She left us both a lot of very expensive things like antique jewelry and other things of value. My brother like to had a coniption fit and so did I we never knew she had such a treasure trove wow!!!

But any way if you do not care if I use your recipe I will and by the way I made your chocolate almonretti cake it was something like the one that I can’t find the recipe for guess I lost it when they remolded my kitchen as I put everything right I would know where to put my hands on it and that is a bad thing as it takes me a long time to find everything when I do that.

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