Pear Relish

1 peck pears
6 large green bell peppers
6 large bell peppers
6 medium onions, yellow the best
4 hot red peppers
1 Tbls. salt
1 Tbls. celery seed
3 cups sugar
5 cups cider vinegar

Grind the first five ingredients in food chopper. Add salt, celery seed, sugar ans vinegar and boil for 30 minutes. Pour in sterilized jars and seal. Makes 20 pints. This is a great recipe for a very large family. My mother made this a lot because we had about 10 pear trees, she would keep some for us and give the rest of away and most of it to the needy as she did with most of the foods she put up. When I was growing up we had very large veggie gardens and fruit orchards as we lived way out in the country and to day it is no more.