Pedophiles in your area

This has nothing to do with recipes, but this is EXTREMELY important information that you should have. Unfortunately, it is only for people living in the U.S. (In Canada, only the police have access to the sex offenders registry.)

This site was mentioned on the Dr.Phil show today. I checked out my cousin’s address on the site and it showed 163 sex offenders in her area. Eight within a 1-1/2 mile radius.

Click on the colored boxes and you get a picture and information (address and convictions) on the offender.

Our state has a site that you can go to to check your area. I check at least once a month for my area and also for my daughter who lives in the next county.

I urge everyone to do this. I was surprised to find out how many were within a 3 mile radius of my daughter. It’s scary!