Pepe's Mexican Restaurant

:confused:I’m looking for a recipe for Carne A La Mexicana. I get it at Pepe’s (chain rest’r.) in the Chicagoland area. I get this dish sometimes 3 times a week! I always get it hot, the hotter the better. I crave it. I want to make it at home. The description is
“Sauteed & diced beef skirt steak seasoned with garlic, tomatoes, onions & peppers-Mild or Hot”. I can’t figure out how to make the salsa, sauce, gravey or whatever it’s called. I asked them, and they just refered to it as a salsa. Can’t be the salsa that they serve with their chips cause that tastes like warm tomato soup. I’ve tried it other places and theirs just tasted like fajitas just cut up in small pieces and dry as a bone. I found one other place near my area “El Taco Real” that comes close. I thought maybe blending either guajillo or chilo ancho chilies to simmer with the meat & veggies. Help