Peppercorn Crusted Salmon with Soy Wasabi Drizzle

The Red Lobster Secret recipe in today’s email said to mix sugar and salt together and then it also says to mix in the dried pineapple. Neither the salt nor the dried pineapple are listed as ingredients, so how much of each do I use? Thanks!

I discovered the descrepancies as well and have opened a ticket 952597.

I received the Red Lobster Lobster Peppercorn Crusted Salmon With Wasabi Soy Drizzle recipe and there are some things missing.

Wasabi Soy:

Combine sugar and salt.
don’t see salt listed, it is listed with the salmon

Add dried pineapple, not in ingredients

It does not state when to add the soy sauce, wasabi, sherry, corn starch and water