Pie Crust

Just wanted to comment on pie crust. I’ve tasted and seen on TV (food shows) pie crusts that are so thick! On EVERY cooking show, they tell you to refrigerate the dough before rolling for ease and flakiness. In my opinion, that’s poppy cock!

Over fifty years ago, when my parents first got married, she made a pie for supper. The crust was so thick that my dad ACTUALLY held it up with his empty coffee cup and laughed. My mother was so insulted that she vowed then and there that she would learn how to make the best pie crust ever!

And boy, did she ever! Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, who tastes her pies or buttertarts feel as if they’ve “gone to heaven”! LOL Her crust is so light and flaky; not too flaky that it really falls apart at EVERY bit, it’s just right. And my point is…she NEVER refrigerates her dough. She says that you have to “work fast” with your dough and not touch it too much, and all your ingredients have to be cold. She also doesn’t roll it as thick as you see on the cooking shows. On those shows it looks like there’s just as much crust as filling! LOL

In my opinion, I think she’s right. The first time I made a blueberry/raspberry pie, I was in a real hurry. Family members were getting ready to leave for home (4-5 hour drive) and I decided that I wanted to serve them a nice blueberry pie before they left. My brother-in-law asked if I was sure that I had enough time. I said, no problem! The dough was made, rolled, filled and ready to be baked so fast! I couldn’t believe how tender and flaky the crust turned out. It was the best pie I’ve ever made because I hardly handled it because I had to hurry up. I’ve tried to do the same since, but it’s hard to replicate. I’m not a pie maker…baker, I am…but not with pies!

People who have tasted her pies/tarts have asked for my mother’s pie crust recipe only to be told, it’s from the Crisco Shortening box. They always say that that’s the recipe they use but it don’t taste like my mother’s. Then I have to tell them that it’s the way she handles her dough…and she doesn’t refrigerate it at all. You just have to “work fast” and make sure that ALL your ingredients are COLD.

Anyway…just wanted to share this little bit of info.


Your mom’s pie crust sounds like my mom’s. No one else could come close to making as good a crust. Mom never refrigerated the dough and said the same thing your mom did, the less handling, the better. She also used that dough to make her delicious strudel. Her apple strudel was melt-in-your-mouth good.

I also have tried several time to duplicate her recipe and, even though I’ve come close, it is still not quite the same. I use the Crisco one also but maybe its the mother’s touch that is missing. Something just isn’t right. Either that or they were holding out that secret ingredient!

Apple Strudle? MMMMMMM…any chance you’d be willing to share your mom’s strudle recipe?

I’d be only to happy to post the recipe. Don’t know exactly where to post so I’ll just post it in the recipe exchange section (although it is one of the most delectable dessert I have ever had).

Dear A, I totally agree with you and Pat and your mom…I make wonderful pie crust and I’m not bragging just being truthful. I use the recipe in my Crisco cook book which is probobly the same one you all use. My Aunt Dixie, who was my mentor always told me don’t handle the crust too much and never roll the dough more than once. It toughens the dough. I don’t chill anything and don’t even use chilled ingred. but I think the secret is to work the shortening into the flour really good and then don’t mess with it too much…
Dainty Dish