This week has been a pie week - needing quick pies at just about the last minute for post-holiday company.

Baking up your favorite crusts and freezing is a big help for some of these - and they are tastier than using cookie or cracker crusts. They have more of a “homemade” taste as well.

Line your crust with sliced bananas and up the side of the crust; fill with French vanilla pudding, or you can use banana filling. Daring - use chocolate. To make your pie filling a bit “softer” use 1 1/2 c. milk to mix your pudding and fold in 4 oz. cool whip.

I made a chocolate pie and instead of “folding” in the cool whip, I swirled it in for a swirly effect. Topped with more cool whip and chocolate sprinkles.

Pistachio pie filling, combined with cool whip and additional pistachio nuts is also good.

Swirl chocolate and vanilla puddings for a nice effect.

Not all pies need to be made in a pie pan either. For a large crowd make your pie in a jelly roll pan and cut into squares. Try chocolate pudding at one end - vanilla at the other - and a swirled combination in the middle. Everyone gets the flavor they want that way.