pietros pizza dough process

pietros gold coast pizza dough was the best. Iworked at the salem OR store by I5 and market st. It was a 3 day process to get the dough ready. after it was mixed it sat in the walk-in for 24 hrs. It was in 20 lb covered buckets and punched down several times before the end of the day. The second day it was rolled out cut and the skins were stacked with corn meal in b/t the skins so they wouldn’t stick together. they were covered and sat in the walk-in until the next day when they were sauced, allthe way to edges, cheesed and stacked in the reach in coolers below the make table for the upcoming evening rush. that is the process as I remember 30 years ago. we also put vino cooking wine? in the sauce it was the best sauce also.

Pietro’s was the best pizza - I grew up on it in Longview, WA. I have tried to duplicate the crust myself many times without success. I appreciate your input here!