Pink Strawberry Cloud Pie from 1970

Pink Strawberry Cloud Pie from 1970

2 quarts frozen strawberries, thawed
2 cups of juice drained from frozen strawberries
1/4 cup granulated sugar
4 teaspoons cornstarch
1 (9 oz) pkg Cool Whip Dessert Topping, thawed
1 baked 8-inch pie shell

Thaw strawberries in a collander and allow juice
to drain into a bowl below. Reserve 2 cups
of drained juice and place in a saucepan.

Mix sugar and cornstarch with the
2 cups of juice in saucepan. Slowly
bring to a boil and cook juice until
thickened, stirring constantly.

Allow the strawberries to continue to drain
as the juice in saucepan is cooked.

Cool juice thoroughly, then add all of the
well drained strawberries to the thickened
juice. Mix well.

Fold in all of the Cool Whip and then spoon
the strawberry / Cool Whip mixture into
an 8-inch baked pie shell.

Allow the pie to stand in the refrigerator
for an hour or two before serving.

Source: Gettysburg Times, Wednesday, Nov 6, 1970.