playing restaurant -

I always seem to have leftovers of something. Sometimes I purposely cook too much so I can freeze it for future meals. And I don’t keep anything too long in the freezer - it doesn’t taste as good if it is there too long. I’m forever cleaning out the fridge and freezer.

We played “restaurant” for dinner - whatever was frozen in the freezer was on the menu. So I heated chicken and gravy and pork steaks, made mashed potatoes and peas with steamed chunked carrots - it was fast, easy and tasted just as if it was fresh made.

I also have frozen homemade lasagna, frozen meatballs (which I always like to make for the freezer anyway), steak in onion gravy and roast beef in gravy, and a half turkey breast and turkey gravy. So I may just cheat and play restaurant again this week!

Pick what you want and that’s what you get!

: )