Please read - possible product tampering

I usually purchase a box or two of instant potatoes that I can use for thickening soups, etc.

Well - I purchased 2 boxes of Great Value Instant Potatoes from WALMART -

UPC #007874237106

The codes imbedded in white on the white box at the top:

17:55 FR BEST BY 08 25 11

that’s it! That is all the info.

Anyway - the boxes were not slit, cut, bent or opened in anyway.

When I got home, after putting everything away, I opened the box tops to pour the flakes in my container. Many times these bags in cereal boxes, etc. stick to the bottom of the box because of the glue. These bags from both boxes came out very easily. At the same time I was reaching for my kitchen shears to cut the bag open and unknown to me - one side of the bag was slit completely down the side. Potato flakes all over the counter, floor, cupboards, etc. Ok - things happen. so I cleaned the mess and emptied the bag through the slit - I never cut the bag open at the top. At first I didn’t think anything of it. When I opened the second bag - same thing. And, being stupid - I poured through the slit into my potato container.

Then the light bulb went off - how the hell did they get this in the box if it was slit like that?

I immediately contacted WalMart with an email. Next day I got a call from the store I purchased it in. The manager called and we discussed this - DO NOT USE THEM. Bring them back.

I saved the boxes, and the slit bags and the flakes were in my potato container. Next day I packed my potato container and the boxes with the bags inside of them and took them to the store with my receipt, which of course I was gypped on something else and when I brougt it to the cashier’s attention she said it was “close enough” - and I just let it go.

The manager dumped my flakes in a bag, returned my container to me, took care of the cashier’s “close enough”, and exchanged the boxes for me.

First thing I did was open the boxes in front of the manager and pull the bags out - no slits, no cuts - everything was fine. But these boxes have different numbers/codes on them.

So if you purchased Great Value Instant Potato Flakes with those codes embedded on the top flap of the box - check to make sure your bags are not split anywhere.

17:55 FR BEST BY 08 25 11

I did notice after I came home and washed my container out and filled it again - that the flakes from the new boxes looked better than the ones in the other boxes.

Just wanted to pass this along - just in case…,