pls help re: my new oven

Hi! Im using an electric oven, my old oven has only one setting, when i open it the fire/coil is only at the bottom, my new oven has a lot of settings, can be bottom alone, top and bottom, top only. i want to ask when baking cakes, what should i use? bottom only or top and bottom? thanks in advance

Hi. What company is this? People should be able to look up for the toll free number or at least an email or chat online.

OK, for something like a cake, which by nature cooks by removing moisture, bottom only is best, otherwise the top will brown like the bottom of the cake does.
Nice to have an oven that offers such versitility. Sometimes you’ll just have to try trial & error.
Like if doing scallopped potatoes, us top & bottom, coz I love when the top gets browned. Yet, I wouldn’t want to with a souffle. You wouldn’t want the top to brown more than it does with bottom only.

Good Luck !