Pork chops in slow cooker?

I am very new to cooking, so I am glad I found these forums to help with the little questions that I have.

Anyways, I want to cook pork chops in a slow cooker

My question is, can I use a tall round slow cooker, or does it have to be one of the long rectangular ones? I guess I just don’t know if the chops will cook up right if they are laying on top of each other. Last time I made them in the oven, they turned out really dry, so I wanted to try this to see if it helps, but I only have a tall crock pot, not a short long one.

Your chops will turn out thoroughly cooked, moist and tender in any kind of slow cooker providing you cook them the time specified in the recipe.

Yes they will cook through in your crockpot - as far as baking in the oven - I do it all the time - no problems - I use just a bit of oil in the baking pan and cover wtih foil - if needed - I may add a bit of water.

You may want to read More Tips/Crockpot Cooking in our Crockpot Forum for additional tips. It’s up to you if you brown them first.