Pork Chops with Campbell's Soup

I 've been making chops this way for years.

Almost same as my last post but using

6 Pork chops center or loin cut
fry in huge skillet with butter and extra virgin olive oil just enough to coat
bottom of skillet -medium heat - brown chops to your liking

Season with pepper- garlic granular - both sides-no salt
Remove chops to platter just for a few minutes.

Add to skillet
1 can of Campbell’s Mushroom Soup
1 can of Campbell’s Cream of Celery Soup

Using a small pancake turner or whatever scrape bottom of skillet to get all the drippings and goodies from frying the chops stirring n mixing soups adding

1 can of milk to the soups now whisk well all together. Add another 1/2 can of milk - I use fat free milk and soup has enough salt…

Re-enter the chops to skillet -cover simmer till chops are tender. Cooking time depends on how thick your chops are.

Meantime boil up penne or wide noodles -al dente {little firm} with salted water…drain well Place in large bowl with butter - and toss with all of the
skillet gravy mixing in the skillet when chops become tender…

Place chops on top with chopped chives over all to garnish.
If sauce belongs to thick just add little more milk

Can bake this also in oven with glass baking dish but will need to stir. 350 F. degrees cover with foil.

Notes~ to enrich flavor sometimes I add fresh mushrooms with the soups and little Maggi seasoning…Oh my golly…

Can add Swiss cheese at the very end or a smoked cheese and melt on top of penne or noodles in mirco wave just about 1 minutes-before adding chops to top…Pork Chops with Campbell’s Soups and Penne or any pasta.

Can’t get any easier.

Maggi is a seasoning in Asian section of Supermarket…don’t use a lot of it
a splash or so- taste and use your own taste buds…

Make a salad of tomatoes -cucumber and your got a great meal.