Pork meatballs to cook in the oven

All in oven meal, very simple to prepare ahead and cook whenever you’re ready!

Potatoes, dried rosemary, garlic, olive oil.

500kg pork mince, 1 onion, dried parsley, lemon juice, slice of bread.

250 mushrooms, 1 red pepper, garlic, olive oil.

I did this amount to provide meatballs for two meals for two of us…the extra amount of meatballs freezes well.
Preheat oven: 200
potatoes, crinkle cut, tossed with a couple of spoonfuls of olive oil, garlic, seasoning and dried rosemary, then spread in a roasting tin…start them cooking first for quarter of an hour.

Meanwhile, mix 500g minced pork, 1 onion, dried parsley, seasoning, two tblsp lemon juice (Jif is fine!), two slices of bread grated to breadcrumbs. This could be done in the processor if you have one.

Shape into about thirty meatballs, arrange half in roasting tin and cook alongside potatoes for another fifteen minutes hour, giving the potatoes a stir round at this point. The remaining meatballs can be chilled and then frozen in layers of greaseproof paper.

Now, halve 250g mushrooms and a red pepper, mix this all in a third tin, with garlic and a couple of spoons of olive oil.

Put this tin beneath the oven chips and meatballs once the fifteen minutes is up, and cook it all for another fifteen minutes.

Finally, mix 100g creme fraiche (half fat is ok) with three tbsp sherry in a saucepan, add in the mushrooms, peppers and juice from the roasting pan and bring to a simmer.

Serve the chips and meatballs, with the mushroom sauce poured over.

We ate this last night and it was delicious -try for yourself!