Potato and Parmesan Crusted Salmon

Potato and Parmesan Crusted Salmon

 1/3           cup  olive oil

1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary
3 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon lemon zest
1 tablespoon chopped garlic
4 6-oz skinless 1-inch thick salmon fillets
2/3 pound Russet potatoes (about 2 medium)
2 cups shredded Parmesan cheese (about 5 ounces)

In a small bowl, combine oil, rosemary, lemon juice, lemon zest and garlic. Place salmon in a glass baking dish and pour marinade over. Refrigerate 1 to 2 hours, turning over once.

Peel potatoes and shred on the large holes of a grater. Heat a non-stick skillet and sprinkle 1/2 cup potatoes around the bottom of the pan to form a lacy circle, 8 inches in diameter. Sprinkle 1/2 cup cheese on top of the potatoes. Cook over medium heat until cheese melts and bottom is golden brown.

Remove skillet from heat and let cool for one minute. Remove salmon from marinade and wipe off excess. Place a piece of salmon on one side of the potato-cheese circle and fold the other side over. With a spatula, carefully transfer to a non-stick baking sheet. Repeat with remaining potatoes, cheese and salmon to make four portions. Refrigerate until needed, up to 6 hours.

Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Bake salmon until a knife inserted into the thickest part of the fish feels no resistance, about 20 to 25 minutes. Transfer each piece of salmon to a dinner plate.