Pre-cooking bulk ground beef for freezing

Has anyone tried pre-cooking ground beef (bulk about 3 lbs.) in the crock pot to prepare it for freezing? I’d like to freeze about 1 lb. pkgs of pre-cooked meat to have ready on hand. Plus, could the raw ground beef be started frozen?

Thanks, that helps. This seems so easy and a lot less messier that frying. I wonder about spoiling during the time it takes the meat to thaw and heat to a safe temp.

I think I understand. I want to cook a 3 lb. chub of ground beef in my crockpot. It will be frozen so I should start and continue the whole cooking process on high and the meat should remain safe? That’s easy. I think I’ll try a crockpot liner and cut down on the cleanup. Thanks.

I have just browned it…then rinsed it in hot water to remove as much fat as possible. Then I shrink wrapped it and placed it in the freezer…it did fine for just over a month. Never tired it for longer than that

Just remember, by pre-cooking ground beef or any other meat, you remove the fat that is needed to bind the meat for making such things as Burger patties or meat loafs.

I ground some Buffaloe meat to use in making a take of on Scotch Eggs. I mixed the ground meat with the same spices that go in Buffalo Chicken WIngs and wrapped it around hardboiled eggs and rolled in bread crumbs before deep frying. Since there was no fat to bind the meat bits, the meat coating blew off in the fryer. I have since tryed again and ground some beef suet (fat) into the buffalo meat and it stuck togather this time. I still do not have the spice blend exactly right, but I’m working on it

Also remember this,“DO NOT PLACE FROZEN ANYTHING DIRECTLY IN A PRE-HEATED IRON SKILLET” A friend of mine did this to a brand new Lodge griddle, flat on one side, ridged on the other and he pre-heated it to cooking temp and when he placed a fully frozen burger patty on the hot metal, he was rewarded with a loud snapping sound and one corner of his new griddle fell off the burner and melted into his new flooring.
To cook meat directly from freezer, place frozen meat in cold skillet and then bring to heat. Sort of like cooking a frog. If you bring water to boil and drop the frog in, he will be able jump out before you cna put the lid on the kettle. Place the same frog in a pot of cold water and then turn on the heat and the frog will sit there and allow himself to cook

Omg, thank you all for posting both the question and answers! It hasn’t ever crossed my mind to cook hamburger in the crockpot! I usually keep 2-3 pounds of pan fried hamburger in the freezer to use in spaghetti sauce, tacos, etc. I’ll be using this method now!