Pringles Chicken Nuggets

Pringles Chicken Nuggets

2 chicken breasts
1 or 2 handfuls of Original Pringles
2 eggs
oil, for frying

Into a bowl, crush the chips in small pieces.

Mix the eggs into a second bowl.

Cut the chicken breasts into nugget-size pieces.

Soak each piece of chicken into the eggs, and then into the Pringles’ crumbs. They should be covered in crumbs.

You want oil about 1,5 cm deep. So the actual volume depends on the diameter of your pan, but keep pouring, you’ll never have too much oil. Or just use a deep fryer if you happen to have one.

Heat up the pan on medium heat, and fry the nuggets about 2 minutes per side until they get a light golden/yellowish color. Set them aside.

Just before it’s time to serve, heat the pan of oil up on high heat and put in the almost ready nuggets. They should get crispy and brown. Be careful, it only takes about a minute per side.