Pumpkin Pie in Disposable Tins

Has anyone made a pumpkin pie in a disposable tin? What is the secret to get the bottom crust done without being soggy?

SueR - I don’t think it matters what kind of a tin you use - custard and pumpkin pies have a tendency to weep and make the bottom crust get soggy. And it happens with overbaking and refrigeration. Also pumpkin pies have a tendency to crack.

To help with all this try adding 1 - 3 T. flour or cornstarch to your pumpkin mix.

Another thing you can do - you can start with by pre-baking your pie crust removing it from the oven 5 minutes before it would be done (do not brown). Then “moisture proof” it - by brush on with a pastry brush one of the following (depending on the type of pie you are making) -

one beat en egg or one slightly beaten egg white
corn syrup that has been warmed (not hot)
or if it is a fruit pie use something like currant jelly or apricot
peanut butter or chunky peanut butter that is made with ONLY peanuts and salt
chocolate chips or grated chocolate sprinkled will melt andyou can spread
(let chocolate harden before filling)

Return to oven and bake about 4 minutes to set the “moisture proofing”. Cool a bit and fill and bake. If you see a browning to the edges of the crust - cover with foil to prevent browning.

I like to use beaten egg whites because it is easy and fast - just don’t brown your crust during this process.

Remember that the refrigeration process automatically causes the filling to get watery so it is best not to freeze pumpkin or custard pies.

You can freeze the crust (after moisture proofing) for a month or two if properly wrapped. Remove from freezer, fill and bake - no need to thaw. A partially baked, moisture proofed crust will work very well and no one will know the difference.

To see the results - make a pie ahead of time. Partially bake, moistureproof, cool, wrap tightly and freeze for a few days or a week. Removed from freezer, unwrap, fill and bake in your preheated oven. See how you like it. And add 1 - 3 T. flour or cornstarch to your filling (depending on the size of your pie plate). Usually it’s 1 T. for 8-inch plate, 2 T. for 9-inch plate and 3 T. for 10-inch plate.

Remember that refrigeration will automatically cause weeping and moisture.

I hope this helps!

Thank you! I will give some of these ideas a try.

You’re quite welcomed!