Pureed Squash Soup


Spices: you’ll need bay leaf and pepper for the mirepoix, but other than that the choice is yours. I really like curry in this soup.
Any and all veggies you want to use including one medium size squash -(something that you can bake off which ends up creamy)

This is a simple soup that can be made from anything. I usually use a winter squash to thicken the soup and for its sweetness. Since I end up pureeing everything anyway I put anything and everything in it. This makes a BIG pot so be aware that you’ll be eating it for a week or freeze it (I usually bring it to potlucks; I haven’t had the need to freeze it so I don’t know if it freezes well or not). This soup is wonderful on a cold autumn or winter day.

Preheat oven to 400F. Cut your squash in half, deseed and place cut side down on a baking sheet and bake squash for anywhere from 45 mins to 1 hour.

Now make a basic mirepoix – which is 50% onion, 25% carrot, 25% celery saut�ed in butter or oil and seasoned (S&P) until softened. (tidbit: if you weren’t already aware, onion, celery and carrot are the three most aromatic veggies. Once these three are sauteed, add water and seasonings and you’ve got a good veggie stock (add chicken, chicken stock, beef – beef stock…you get the idea)

For this recipe, I add two bay leaves, peppercorns (6 or so), salt and what ever herb I want. If I’m currying the soup, I’ll add the curry after the soup is pureed.

Once the veggies are softened a little (about 5-10 minutes) start adding anything and everything to the soup. You’re going to puree it at the end anyway so just a rough chop is fine - it doesn’t have to be perfect. For example, in my last batch of this soup I put in any leftover veg I had in my fridge: marrow squash, zucchini (get rid of any mature seeds as they’re a pain to puree), more onion, carrot or celery, turnip, garlic, mushrooms, parsnip. Basically anything I had in my fridge I didn’t forsee using anytime soon went into the soup. You can also use any green stuff in your fridge. This is a really great way to get rid anything you have too much of.

When a sharp knife goes through the skin and flesh of the baked squash easily, you know it’s done. Let it cool for a few minutes and scoop the flesh out and put into the pot with the simmering saut�ed veggies and cook until everything is tender. Put through a blender and whiz until everything is smooth. Add water or more stock if things thicken up too much. If you want to curry it (which tastes wonderful with the sweetness of the squash) add it after the soup is pureed and season to taste. I also tend to add a little cayenne as I like this soup hot and smooth.

Hope you like! Enjoy!

Squash goes great with tomatoes, celery, potatoes,carrots and green beans. I make it ALL the time.

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