question about "binding" meatballs and burgers together

Hi Guys!

I notice that a lot of Meatball Recipies contain things like Breadcrumbs or Cream Cracker Biscuits (Crushed) etc. I always assumed this was to help bind the ingredients together (there is usually an Egg in there aswell).

However, if you want to leave the Breadcrumbs/Cream Crackers out - does it matter?

Conversely, I notice that a lot of Burger Recipies, such as the Burger King Whopper in Americas Secret Recipies 1, don’t contain anything to bind the beef together.

Does anyone else have trouble with the burger faling apart when doing it like this?

Yeah Thanks KW!

So Bascially, if I want to make meatballs or Burgers that don’t fall apart, all I have to do is keep handling and pressing the Ground Beef together? And I could throw an egg in if I wanted to, but bascially it would be OK to use Ground Beef.

I’m still experimenting with recipies before I start a my low carb/high protein Diet. I actually visited a Subway for Lunch today and ordered a salad with Italian Meatballs. I don’t know if our Subways in the UK taste the same as over there (I’ve heard people who have had a Vacation in the US come back and say the McDonalds are better for instance), but the combinaton of the meatballs in Italian Sauce served with a big salad was very tasty, and very satisfying.

I dodn’t actually think those flavours would “work” but they did. So now I’m looking for a recipie to see if I can re-create the Subway Italian Meatballs…

The reason I keep talking about Meatballs a lot is because I think they are really versatile, and can be served in so many ways - AND you don’t have to have them with Pasta or Rice (I like Pasta and Rice, but they are very fattening!

That’s great KW, I will be trying that Meatball and Mariner Sauce recipe out! That really is going to come in handy.

I’m getting some great ideas for my new eating plan…