QUESTION for the Admin

After posting a recipe with a source link for the cheese used I was confronted witht the following:

Kitchen Witch August 4th, 2006 07:57 PM

Re: Aged Gouda Soufflé

This sounds really good! And I will try this as soon as the heat lets up. Please do not post other recipe sites here on RSN - it is not allowed. Thank you.

Kitchen Witch

The original post was altered and edited to remove any mention of my cheese source.

I want to know why!

This morning I went through the forums and counted at least 37 times others have posted source links and they have not been edited out. So why is it only a few are being removed?

Can you answer this please.


This is something that has been bugging me for quite some time. Why is it okay for recipe sites to be posted in “Recipe of the Day Archive” and not elsewhere? There are several recipes posted that say “source:


The site I had posted was not a recipe site at all… it was a source for cheeses from around the world as well as other hard to find gourmet items.

what is good for one should be good for all!

There seems to be a click here that can do what they want and then the others are edited!

Sorry but that is what I am seeing.

I also have seen out and out rudness from some of the mods to folks who question them…

I don’t mind the source of recipes being posted. There may have been a miscommunication about this so don’t take it personal.

Going forward they should not be deleted.

Thank you for your reply! I will wait and see if this really happens before I comment any more.

Thanks again Ron.

Well it has happened again! My recipe for Red White And Blue Turdukin has been editted and a source removed! This happened after your reply above.

Last edited by Kitchen Witch : September 23rd, 2006 at 11:54 AM.

with no explaination or permission.

Admin I appologize, it seems this editing took place as we were having this discussion. The time frame was very close so again I will wait and see.

Yes it was related to timing. You can edit the post and add back the source if you like.

Thank You!