Quiche Fit For A Man

1 Readymade Pieshell Prebaked

2 Chicken Thighs - cooked, skinned, deboned,diced course

3/4 Jar Sabrett Spiced Onion Sauce

4 lrg mushrooms sliced

4 lrg Eggs -beaten

1/8Tsp Salt

1 dash Nutmeg

2 dash Cayenne

2 dash Black Pepper

Prebake pieshell after filling with dry beans or other foodsafe weights.

Cook chicken thighs and skin and debone then cut into 3/8inch bits. Dice Mushrooms coursely and add to chicken. Add Spiced onions and toss to mix with chicken and mushrooms. Place in pie shell and beat eggs in a bowl and add salt,Cayenne and black pepper and nutmeg and pour over Chicken. BAke at 350* until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean and dry.

That’s one small Quiche for a man, on giant Quiche for mankind! :smiley:

I called this Quiche For a Man because of that book,Real Men Dont Eat Quiche"

One night all I had to prepare for my dinner was two, small Chicken Thighs, some onions, a frozen pie shell and
a few eggs. I nuked the chicken to thaw it and then skinned and deboned it and chopped it up and added the onion to it a sauted it all then baked off the pie shell and added the chicken and onion and beat three eggs and add a bit of Nutmeg and salt and pepper and poured over the other fillings and baked until it was fully set. It was good and Ihave made it several times since fore a good meal and something different

I eat quiche and your recipe looks real good. Your title reminded me of the Neil Armstrong line from the moon landing. If we could make a Texas BBQ version we could call it, “Houston, we have a Quiche!” :smiley:

It was good and Ihave made it several times since fore a good meal and something different

Wow, what a great recipe for quiche! I absolutely ADORE it. The best thing about quiches is that you can put anything inside, from onions, to ham and cheese.

I made one that is not exactly a quiche since it has no cream, but delicious.
Grind pepperoni, provolone cheese, onion and green bell pepper. Mix in beaten eggs, pour into a pie crust and bake. It has the taste of a pepperoni pizza.