quick and easy food

I am new here. Love the site. I’ll contribute a recipe, and look forward to reading others’ quick and easy foods.

I love to hunt. Young deer makes the best meat.

cut the loins into medallions, enough to ring a large cast fry pan
dredge in flour dredge that had some salt and pepper added.
blacken them in a cast fry pan in a small amount of oil.
ring them around the outside, and pour a couple handfuls of rice in the middle.
mix one can of mushroom soup and one can of chicken broth, pour over rice.
cover loosely with foil, and bake in 350 oven for about 45min-60min.
spoon over toast.

This one was used during lunch hour when I was working in northern Canada.

in a large frypan, brown 1lb ground meat.
in a separate pot, cook up 1 cup quick cook rice according to directions.
dice up a medium onion, one green pepper, one red pepper, one yellow pepper.
when meat browned, add the onion and peppers and cook til onion is translucent.
Add rice, and stir.
gloop on some worchestershire sauce, Soy sauce, or experiment with others.
give it all a big stir and serve with toast.

We’d be stuffed and usually back to work without being late.