Which Salt Is Sea Salt?




All salt is sea salt!

Salt deposits are located where there at one time was a large Sea. Most seas are high in salt and not fresh water.

When for whatever reason the sea disapeared, dried up when under ground sifted location due to earthquake or temors, the salt remained after the water was evaporated.

THe Great Salt Lake was ar one time an Inland Sea of high salinity and is mined in a lot of its area.

All salt is not sea salt.
In Cleveland, Ohio There are salt mines run by Morton. They are actually less than a mile from Lake Erie, which is fresh water.
All water, including the oceans, are water, its when the water comes in contact with raw salt found anywhere in the world, that it gets a saline content. Different oceans have different salt content.
And as far as flavor goes, sea salt is really different & superior to mined salt, both in taste and the micro nutrients it has.

KW, once again, thanks for your knowledge & in depth information. I always print your info pages & sore in a folder. I’ve learned so much, so easily from you…and have used the info often. THANKS!

Please remember that at one point in time, the earth was completely covered with water. As the earth cooled and this water evaporated the chemicals and mineral in the water were laid down in deposits in many places around the globe.

Many of these deposits are no-where near the ocean,ie: the Great Salt Lake, the salt mines in the Holy Lands that ther Romans sent slave to work and die in.

As the earth cooled, many parts of it broke away and covered some of these deposits of minerals and then some area flooded with melt water from the many Glacers that formed during the ice age. Parts of the Great Lakes were fromed when these same Galcers gouged away the rock and when they then melted the water, which had lost many of the minerals and left them in places they had not been before.

The salt deposits are the same, exact chemical compound as the salt mined from inland areas. Over the years it has taken on a slightly different appearance and flavor and if they do other step after evaporating the sea water to get the Seasalt they now sell in specalty food shops, they can make it taste just like the purified salt they dig out of the mines. As it is now, they just allow the seawater to evaporate and then dry the resulting piles of salt and then package it and sell it.

So my original statement" All Salt is Seasalt" is correct. Googel it like I did

As we all know, ya’ can ‘google’ anything ya’ wish, and find info to support whatever concept ya’ wish.
Bottom line; Water is water, found as a combination of two elements. Hydrogen & oxygen…H2O
Salt is a seperate compound, sodium chloride…NaCl.
Neither of these compounds are dependant upon the other to exist. Salt formations have no requirement of H2O for existance. Sure, water has distributed much of the earths salt, but the percentage is small compared to the amount of salt that exists.