Ramen Alfredo say what

so i am going for a super cheap yet delicious meals this is one of my favorites so cheap so simple yet so good.


1 package Ramen noodles
1 chicken thigh
1/2 cup heavy cream
A pinch of both salt and pepper
oil or butter 1 table spoon
1 cup water
optional squash, Parmesan cheese about 1/4 cup

small pot
small sautee’ pan

puting it all together
so first off we are going to need to put 5-6 cups water in our small pot
then put pot on the stove and turn on high
add flavoring package from Ramen noodles to water and wait for water to come to a boil then add noodles
wile that is happening heat up oil or butter in small sautee’ pan
when oil or butter is hot enough that it crackles and pops when you add the chicken add the chicken breast to the pan and turn heat down to medium
let chicken cook for about 45 seconds flip and let cook for another 45 seconds
remove the chicken from pan and place on cutting board
now add cream and water to hot pan and turn heat to med low
seasone cream and water with a small pinch both salt and pepper
cut chicken into small pieces and add to cream

bring to a simmer
and noodles that should be just about cooked now to the cream and chicken
if you wanted to add squash you should do that now

cook 5-8 mins and turn off
if you want to add cheese do that now
let cool and eat

             super simple and delicious. if you want to get fancy with it there are several things you can add to spice it up a bit, any kind of fresh vegetable is always a good way to add some volume and nutrition. you can also add different kinds of herbs such as basil. parsley and oregano to take it to the next level. you would add these when you add the chicken to the cream.