recipe for golden trout

need some ideas for golden trout:p

I love all freshwater fish and lean towards the thicker fleshed as in Bass or Walleye.
It may revolve around what I can catch too LOL… but trout and salmon are so delicte and exquisite. Rather then onions, shallots or chives are a good choice due to their mildness and ability to perform a mild yet stated flavour undercurrent to a dish.
Dill, only sparingly, is a good match to all trout too.
Good recipes KW !

thank you, will try it.

Try this:

non oily fish: salt or fresh water: poached:

melt one stick of butter add 1 Tb.spoon lemon juice. Cover tightly and poach until done.

Beef: char the outside over a flame: while charing mix butter and seasonings as a baste: when charred put on a plater and baste until the butter soaks into both side of the meat (baste several time s over 15 min.) the baste will soak into the meat, the finish cooking in the oven at 250 until done. Let meat rest. will melt in your mouth.