Recipe for Rice Knödel

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone on this blog had a recipe for Rice Knödel (not Semmelknödel, but rather made with rice instead). It’s a southern Bavarian dish (thought to be brought in by the Italians through the Alps) of rice dumplings generally filled with beef, pork and sometimes rabbit. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Rice knödel

1 large onion – chopped
2/3 ounce (20 g) butter
6½ ounces (200 g) rice
2 cups of water
1 pinch safran
200 g plain creme cheese
1 TBS basil
2 ounces (50 g) parmesan cheese
1 egg
3 ounces (80 g) all-purpose flour

oil for frying

Fry the chopped onion in melted butter. Add rice and fry it for about a minute.
Add safran and water, bring to a boil, and let it simmer for 20 minutes.

Take the pot off the heat, add cream cheese and basil, and grate the parmesan cheese into the mix. Stir thoroughly and allow to cool completely.

When the rice mix is cold, add egg and flour.

Heat the oil op, shape the knödel and fry in oil for about 5 minutes.

Serve as a side.

2 eggs
1 c. sour cream
1 lb. old white bread, cubed
1 tsp. salt
2 tbsp. flour
2 tbsp. chopped parsley
2 tbsp. chopped onions
1 tbsp. butter
1/2 c. flour

Brown lightly parsley and onions in butter.

Beat eggs and add salt. Blend in sour cream and bread. Add remaining ingredients. Let stand 20 minutes. Add 2 tablespoons flour to mixture. Form into Knodel and lightly roll into flour. Place Knodel into boiling salted water. Then lower heat, cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Drain. Serve Knodels with gravy.