recipe needed for hummingbird food

This Is Probably A No-brainer, But I Need A Recipe For Hummingbird Food. I Cant Remember How Much Water To How Much Sugar. I Don’t Like To Use The Pre Packaged Stuff From The Store, The Red Coloring Stains My Patio If It Drips. Thank You, Shelley

Four parts water to one part sugar. Use only table sugar and never honey or artificial sugars. Just remember that this solution spoils within 3-4 days in hot weather. The hummies won’t drink it if it’s spoiled; so if they stop coming, you’ll know why.

The color red attracts these birds. Instead of using red food coloring, u can buy the “container” that is already red (it’s shaped liked a strawberry).

We feed these birds every year. We’ve even had a few fly into the house!

just wanted to mention that a few years ago, we had a hummy fly into the house. We thought it was dead! I did a search online for info on how to take care of it, what to do, etc. I came across some info about sugar not being good for the babies. They need “nectar” for the nutrients because the sugar has none. I’ve tried to find the same info to post here, but to no avail. If I do find it, I’ll post it.

FYI, we shut the lights off and it flew out the patio door eventually. Something to do with having the lights on and they won’t move.

Hubby just informed me that your feeder should NOT be situated in the sun! It mentions this on the package of nectar food. It tends to drip when it’s in the sun. Actually, just last week I mentioned that our feeder was dripping from one “flower”. He repositioned the feeder completely in the shade, and it stopped dripping. Something to do with the heat and sugar and the reaction it creates. Worth a try I guess!

The Sun Was Most Likely My Dripping On The Patio Problem. It Was In Partial Sun And As You May Know It Gets Well Over 100 Degrees In Arizona. Also It Was Next To My Sliding Glass Door, So That Was Very Good Info. I Will Try Moving It And Keep Using The Commercial Brand I Got At The Pet Supply Store. Thank You For The Wonderful Info As Always. Shelley

I’ve been feeding hummers a long time. I use 3 parts of water to one part sugar. Cook over medium heat until it comes to a boil and let boil about 45 seconds. This destroys any bacteria. My hummers love this.

3 parts sugar to 1 part water is the best ratio I have found, however, when just starting (trying to draw birds to feeder) use equal parts sugar and water. Be sure to boil for the 45 seconds to 1 minute and cool. Once you have them coming you can reduce ratio to 3 to 1.

Check out this link Shelly:

For those who llive in Arizona or will be visiting, please spend some time watching the hummers in Ramsey Canyon outside of Sierra Vista. Also, Miller’s Canyon & Patton’s Backyard in Patagonia. Can see up to 14 species of hummers. Best months are April & August.

1 part white sugar to 4 parts water use a red feeder to attract them it is beleaved that red food coloring may be harmful to them if you want more go to Hummingbird Facts and Information lots of info enjoy crowbear=Dwight Price:)

go to Hummingbird Facts and Information