Recipe Remix (Heart Health)

Recipe Remix (Heart Health)

If you’re looking to eat healthier, you probably know that eating too much saturated fat and salt can raise your risk of heart disease. It’s easy to cut them out of your diet, even when it comes to your favorite recipes.
Here are a few ideas:

For biscuits — Use vegetable oil instead of lard or butter and skim milk or 1 percent buttermilk instead of regular milk.

For macaroni and cheese — Use low-fat cheese and 1 percent or skim milk.

For greens — Use skin-free smoked turkey, liquid smoke, fat-free bacon bits, or low-fat bacon instead of fatty meats.

For gravies or sauces — Skim the fat off pan drippings. For cream or white sauces, use skim milk and soft tub or liquid margarine.

For dressings or stuffing — Add broth or skimmed fat drippings instead of lard or butter. Use herbs and spices for added flavor instead of salt.

For sweet potato pie — Mash sweet potato with orange juice concentrate, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, and only one egg. Leave out the butter and salt.

For cakes, cookies, quick breads, and pancakes — Use egg whites or egg substitute instead of whole eggs. Two egg whites can be substituted in many recipes for one whole egg. Use applesauce instead of some of the fat.

By choosing to eliminate excessive saturated fat and salt from your diet, you’ll be helping your heart. These quick tips will help you and your family stay healthy — without sacrificing flavor.

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