Red Lobster's SoBe Seafood Paella recipe

Hi guys,
I have a question, please. I just purchased the Food Secrets cookbooks and am about to set out to make the above titled recipe.
Just a quick preface, so that, hopefully, you don’t think I’m being rude or presumptive. I’ve just retired from a job where I spent 23 years cooking and supervising cooks, making my living that way.
I have one question regarding the recipe method. It calls for the fish and seafood to be added before the sausage, and then for the sausage to be added and cooked until light brown. Considering that time and the time in the oven later of 25-30 minutes. Aren’t the fish and seafood items likely to be over-cooked? Am I just crazy or what? Would appreciate your help on this.
Maybe I should just wait until I try it, first, but I would hate to waste those expensive items, if I can get advice and counsel before I make it.
Thanks for making this forum thread a possibility. I appreciate it.