Removing "fishy" taste

I know I should eat more seafood for its health benefits, but I can’t get past the fishy, oily taste of so many varieties. I think I have heard of a soaking technique that will help with this, but don’t know what the ingredients are. Can you advise me? I have a great salmon recipe to try, once I know the trick!

Also, you can soak it in milk (I prefer buttermilk) for a couple of hours. Works every time.

Thank you both! I love this site and how responsive you are!

That is a great tip for removing odors! My husband is allergic to fish and even the smell can bother him, so now I can cook it and not worry about what lingers. Thanks again!

Ahhhhh! That explains a few things. They always fall apart on me. No more than an hour, got it! :oops:

Marinate tilapia with water, lemon juice and salt overnight.