Restaurant Calorie Rip-Offs

Here’s a list of some of the worst dining-out disasters.

Remember - to MAINTAIN your current weight, the average person should consume ABOUT 2,000 calories per day.


Triple Whopper Sandwich - 1,230 calories; 82 g fat; 52 g carbs
Chocolate Milk Shakes (king size) - 1,260 calories; 38 g fat; 204 g carbs
Enormous Omelet Sandwich - 730 calories, 45 g fat; 44 g carbs
Double Croissan’wich with sausage, egg, cheese - 680 calories; 51 g fat; 26 g carbs
Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich - 780 calores; 44 g fat; 73 g carbs

(do you really need 3 slabs of meat to fill you up??)


Monster Thickburger - 1,410 calories; 107 g fat; 47 g carbs
Loaded Breakfast Burrito - 780 calories; 51 g fat; 38 g carbs
Loaded Biscuit ‘N’ Gravy Breakfast Bowl - 770 calories; 54 g fat; 49 g carbs
Big Country Breakfast Platters - HAM - 970 calories; 53 g fat; 90 g carbs – BREADED PORK CHOP - 1,220 calories; 68 g fat; 102 carbs --CHICKEN - 1,140 calories; 68 g fat; 105 g carbs

(The infamous Monster Thickburger takes first place in the unhealtiest fast-food category. But the greatest numbers of disastrous options are actually on the breakfast menu. Unles you plan on crawling in a cave and hibernating after your meal, there’s no need to consume so many calories at once - especially for breakfast!!)


Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese - 740 calories; 42 g fat; 40 g carbs
Deluxe Breakfast with Large Biscuit - 1,280 calories; 65g fat; 139 g carbs
Hotcake and Sausage - 780 calories; 33 g fat; 106 carbs
Chocolate Triple Thick Shake (32 oz.) - 1,160 calories; 27 g fat; 203 g carbs
Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips (10 pc.) - 1,270 calories; 66 g fat; 92 g carbs

(the shake is the worst - but to think and the Chicken Selects packs more calories than the Double Quarter Pounder!)


Large Fries -540 calories; 26 g fat; 69 g carbs
Chicken Club Sandwich - 650 calories; 31 g fat; 56 g carbs
Chicken BLT Salad with Homestyle Garlic Croutons and Honey-Mustard Dressing - 690 calories; 46.5 g fat; 37 g carbs
Southwest Taco Salad with Reduced Fat Sour Cream, Seasoned Tortilla Chips and Ancho Chipotle Ranch Dressing - 710 calories; 41 g fat; 51 g carbs

(and you thought that the salads were a healthy choice!)


Double Meat Meatball Marinara (6-inch) - 860 calories; 42 g fat; 82 carbs
Double Meat Italian BMT (6-inch) - 630 calories; 35 g fat; 49 carbs

(Subway’s offerings are good - but there are a few exceptions. The Double Meat Meatball Marinara Sandwich has more calories than the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese from McDonald’s!)

Wow. Some of those are really suprising. Especially the 6-in BMT from Subway. I guess the double meat adds up.

The hotcakes & sausage from McDonald’s is also a bummer. It’s one of the few things I actually like at McDonald’s.

Now I know why I gained weight in high school. I worked for Burger King and milkshakes were unlimited. I’m not kidding about the weight gain, I filled out that orange pantsuit in no time. Gives you an idea how OLD I am. The only good that came from the experience is that I burned out on milkshakes, and developed an anti-grease pallet. We cooked apple pies in the same grease as the fish! Eeew! And the milkshake liquid came wet in five gallon containers and you poured into the machine and viola! Something is just not right with that.

After reading these stats, I’ll keep cooking my own meals.