rib rub

my rub is too spicey. what do i add to kick it down a few notches?

Sometimes, a rub depends upon your choice of bbq sauce. Sometimes a rub can compete with a sauce, and sometimes it can enhance its heat and/or sweetness.
Makes it fun trying to figure out and experiment.
Here’s a trick I recently learned; Ya’ know how butter can lessen the heat of a sauce, well a buddy of mine used Molly McButter Buds ( a dry butter substitute) to mellow out a rub’s heat, yet increased the flavor. Was unique.

In rubs the heat usually comes from ground black pepper, ground white pepper, whole peppercorns, cayenne/red ground pepper, red pepper flakes or even spicy chili powder. Spicy dry mustard can also add to the heat. Cut down on these ingredients.