Rice Cookers

What is the right way to use the rice cooker and should I rinse the rice off 1st???

Yes, you should always wash the rice and drain off the water three times to be sure to remove any impurities in the rice, but only wash the rice just before you are going to cook it.

So is that for Rice cookers as well and what about brown rice???

I always wash all rice before I use it.

Wash rice until water runs clear. Use less water with a rice cooker: Example: 1-1/4 C water to 1 C long grain white rice. You can grease the bottom of the pan to prevent sticking, too.

I have had a rice cooker for a few years, but was never very happy with it until I started rinsing my rice. The instructions said not to rinse it because rinsing washed off vitamins and minerals, and also the directions on the rice I was using (Nishiki sushi rice) said there was no need to rinse it.

Now I rinse my rice, 2 or 3 times before cooking, and it comes out wonderfully. I also add a teaspoon of olive oil and a little salt to the water before cooking.

I use my rice cooker several times a week. One thing I like to do is put frozen broccoli or other vegetables in the steamer toward the end of the cooking time. When the rice is done, I just mix the veggies in with the rice and top with a little cheese for a nice side dish.

If you try Thai jasmine rice just plain I think you may not go back to any other rice or adding anything to it. In the US, Phoenix Brand is the best I found when I lived there.