rich in magnesium


My aunty is going through perimenopause stage and she experience palpitations a lot. Her doctor advice her to consume rich magnesium food. I had the privilege to search in the internet on food that is high in magnesium. Here is the simple asian recipe of fish soup rich in magnesium.

1 fillet of halibut cut in half (1 fillet contain 340mg magnesium)
200 grams of swiss chard (1 cup cook swiss chard contain 150mg)
1 cup okra frozen (contain 94mg magnesium)
2 tomatoes cut in wedges
one teaspoon of ginger slice
one medium onion slice
dash of pepper
fish sauce
800ml water

Place water in a pot and add slice ginger, tomato and onion and bring to boil.

Prepare swiss chard by removing the tip and slice it into three parts. Place it in the pot with okra and let it boil gently for few minutes.

Add the fillet, sprinkle pepper and add fish sauce according to taste. Fish don’t take long to cook so I just let it boil gently for 10 minutes then it is done.

If serve with brown rice, for every 1 cup of raw brown rice, it has 265mg magnesium.

I know that this seems a lot of magnesium content in the recipe but you don’t have to eat it everyday and this recipe is good for 2. :slight_smile: