Rolo Cookies

These caught my eye in one of the forums (because I’m a Rolo addict), so I backtracked to find Aline’s original post of the recipe. I made them this evening, and they were awesome! Also very easy too make, except I wasn’t patient enough on chilling the dough, so it got a bit messy! :roll:
I will definitely be making these again; thanks!

Mmmm!!! I just finished making the Rolo Cookies - I can’t even say how delicious they are! My family is devouring them! I had to set a few aside already just so I know that there will be some to bring to a friend tomorrow! Absolutely will be making these again! I made them without the walnuts, however next time I may try them with the walnuts…

Thank you for a great recipe!

Hi! I’m glad that you both enjoyed them. I made them not long ago, and we really like them too. I included all the walnuts into the dough instead of including them into the dipping sugar. :smiley: