Ron at Nobu in Vegas

Having a great time in Vegas :):cool:

You look so relaxed and having a great time, wish I could be there, too!
Good Luck on your books, sell, sell, sell!
Take Care,

lookin’ good. happy b’day

are we now growing facial hair??? looks good on you!

Lookin’ good there Ron!!! Have a blast in Vegas and good luck with your books.


Happy Birthday and by the way, lookin’ good! Congrads on the book signing.:wink:

Hi Ron, really enjoy your recipes. Good to see another October Born doing well. I will be 80 on the 12th.

There was NO replying to your email to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY sure hope it was a nice one.

Did u go to Vegas for your Birthay?

Ron…Happy Birthday!!

Did you have a chance to enjoy an “in n out burger” while you were out there?

Took a $20.00 cab ride for a $4.00 burger recommended by a local newspaper reporter and believe it or not I LOVED it! No regrets but is there any way to copycat their recipe?

The place was packed by the way!


In-and-Out burgers are the best of the chain burgers by a long shot.

I’m still here and may try that tomorrow :slight_smile:

I wished I were there soaking up the nice warm 80 degree weather with ya!!!

Ron i hope you had a great b-day and i love your cookbook and i hope ypu have a fantastic time.


:smiley: Happy B-day having a grand time in the good ol sin city! Throw a $ in the machine for me. Enjoy all the wonderful food and drinks.