Ron Douglas

Hi Ron…

 Thanks for your kind comments in your broadcast today. I appreciate your kind words....but it is actually it is you that deserves the kudos. Without your hard work in putting together a GREAT site, folks from all corners of the global village would be without a quality venu to post and share. That's what it's all about...sharing and learning from others. I've enjoyed many recipes from other contributors, and without RECIPESECRETS I would not have had that opportunity. 

 The success of your/our sight is contingent upon a full co-operatiive. I believe SWTNESS is very deserving of recognition for her thought/design of the "ïngredient of the day" thread  ... and by the number of views this thread is getting...I'd say it's a big success. RECIPESECRETS is a wonderful sight and a great e-place to be...all due to your creativity and hard work! Thank you Ron for making it happen. 


P.S. Now lets get every contributor to the 100 post level !

Well thank you B-man. Some people have been sending me pms saying the same thing. If weren’t for you a couple other people always posting many recipes, but family would go hungry. Keep up the good work

Thank you both.


B-man, your going to out post Ron soon :lol:

Hi again SWTNESS…now if only I could convince RD to let me be a business partner! … Actually I’ve got tons of recipes that I’ve been saving for a time…I figure that I’ve learned and had the benefit of this site and it’s many contributors…so I feel it is only fair to give back what has already been given to me. No point in hording! There are far too many tire kickers and free loaders on the net! RD has created a great site…the rest is up to us!

B-man :wink: