Ron,The Scampi Recipe from Olive Garden???

In the recipe you make 3/4 cup of white sauce but you only add 1/4 cup to the sauce,according to the recipe in the email on 1/23/08.Which is it or do you do something else with the rest of the sauce or is it in case you want more???HELP!:confused:

One more thing,I just got a Baker’s Secret Pizza Stone.There were no instructions on whether to heat it up first,what temp to put the oven,do I season it first???:o
I just thought I would put the question out here in this site cause I’m SURE someone will know something! I used to make Pizza a long time ago before they had the stones,they came out very tastey but I like crispy crust,and thin too!So I thought I would try the stone.

Thanks for any help I can get!

Heat your oven - heat your stone - make sure it is hot - (for heaven’s sake don’t put your hand on it to make sure it is hot!) - place your pizza directly on the stone - bake and eat!

Hope this helps!

Pizza stone must be preheated for 5 to 10 minutes…

Use the extra white sauce to pour over the dish before you serve.

Enjoy !

Thanks for your help EVERYONE! I’ll be making pizza for the Super Bowl!But I will try it this weekend to get it JUST RIGHT!


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