Rose tobacco Recipe

ok, another one of my odd recipes. . . . . .
this recipe was prepared for the children as a candy on the Oregon Trail.

Rose Tobacco

2 cups loosly packed fresh pesticide-free rose petals.
1 cup packed light brown sugar.
3 tablespoons brandy.

alternate layers of brown sugar and rose petals in the jelly jar, begining with brown sugar.pour the brandy over, put lid on, and put in frig, for at least a couple of moths.
NOTE:this recipe makes 1 jar and is 1 serving size!

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Another snus recipe: from Bengt Sandh
Grind 1 kg tobacco (pipe tobacco like Caravelle) to a fine powder.

Intermix tobacco powder with 11 dl waters and 1/2 hk ( 50 grams) salt.
Intermix, flat out and cover with gladpack.

Set the bowl to sweat in 45-50 degrees’ heat in 5 days and night.

After five days and night mix in 90 grams potassium carbonate (Kaliumkarbonat) ,
work it thoroughly into the snuff and let it sweat for another day
and night too. Stir about so that it becomes evenly damp. If you think that is too damp, one can fluff it and let it sit some hours uncovered. When ready, pack in appropriate containers and freeze most of the kit.

When adding flavors, it is probably best to test them first in small amounts.
Juniper gives a taste
similar to Gothenburg’s rapé, bergamot oil compares to General. One can of
course try something a little different. Citrus, Eucalyptus, Liver pate; what do I know