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As I mentioned in the email newsletter (see below), starting April 5th, I’m going to personally teach a group of 200 people a simple system to make some extra money online.

This online workshop will be a turnkey opportunity and at the conclusion of the training you will have your own website and product. It will only be $1 to get started and to see if it’s for you. I only want positive people who really want to be members. No whiners, quitters, or complainers please. Come with an open mind and believe in yourself!

The only thing you will have to do is pick a topic that you’re interested in (for example: gardening, healthy recipes, scrap booking, wedding planning, relationship advice, etc) and follow some simple steps.

Membership to my Inner Circle will include:

  1. A proven product created by me that pays you 100% recurring revenue on all your online sales. This product is already selling well - now you can share in it’s success and generate ongoing income.

  2. A automated search engine friendly blog (hosted by me) used to promote your product.

  3. Proprietary software that automatically adds content to your blog and automatically promotes it in the search engines. You never have to spend any money on advertising or write a ton of content if you don’t want to. These automated tools will do all the work for you.

  4. Step by step training videos created for non technical people. Both my teenage sister and 56 year old mother in law are fully trained and up and running.

  5. Access to my inner circle community and ongoing training. I will share my 10 years of experience and answer any questions you have to ensure your success.

If you’d like to be one of the 200 exclusive inner circle members…

–> The first step is to answer this question:

What would you do with an extra $500 to $1,500 per month?

Just hit the POST REPLY button above and type your response.

This is from the newsletter if you didn’t get it:

As I briefly mentioned last week, in the next couple of weeks I’m
going to be accepting 200 qualifying members into my “Inner Circle.”

This is a new program I’m testing out where I will personally be
teaching a small group of people a simple way to earn some extra
money Online in your spare time. It’s NOT a “get rich” system, but
it’s something that anybody can do to earn an extra $500 to $1,500
per month. You don’t have to be a technical person - it’s so simple
that you can even teach your kids to do it.

Yes, I know that this is totally unrelated to cooking but with so
many people struggling in these difficult times, I thought of this
as a way to give back. I feel lucky to have the freedom to work
from home and be my own boss. I’m able to spend as much time with
my kids as I want without worrying about money. I’ve been doing
this for 10 years now and I’d like to help others find their own

Being that the initial 200 people will be the pilot group in the
program, it’s only going to be $1 for the initial training with no
obligation to continue.

I have never posted on this site before but use the recipes quite often. I would be interested in learning about your inner circle. What would I do with the extra $500 to $1000 a month? I would help my son pay back some of his school loans and save up to purchase a car. I am disabled and on a fix income
so I am not able to do those two things.
Thank you

I’m disabled and would use the money to meet my expenses

Hi Ron,

I would probably use the $500+ to pay down debt and ease the financial worry of having to see one child through college (he is a junior) and preparing for the other one (he is a junior in high school).

Plus, my husband and I are no spring chickens - we had the kids late in life - so it would be nice to look forward to retiring comfortably someday (sooner than later).


What I would use the money for would be to get my family & I teeth fix. then get our home repaired to make more energy right and safe to live in.

An extra 500 or so would go to our daughters college fund. My wife’s salary pays for just about everything except my small pension and social security. Anything I can do at home would be greatly appreciated.


Just lost a fulltime job. Would like to be part of the inner circle to help pay the mortgage,electricity, etc. So put me in touch with the details.

I would try to pay down my debts, I have kids that just went to college, getting ready to go to college and I’m strapped with the car payments and insurance and in the process the economy has been killing everyone and my customers have not been able to pay their bills but plumbing is an emergency and not something that can usually be put off so I’m paying materials and interest out the caboose to carry everyone else and it’s forcing us to really really struggle. The sad part is everyone is forced to have to lie because they’re afraid that if they tell you they can’t pay for it, then you wont come, then they tell me that they can’t afford to pay the interest or additional fees for carrying them I don’t know which is worse. I feel for those people I really do but i deserve to know what I’m getting into beforehand so I’m not forced to go broke. I’ve thought about going and getting a night job untill the circumstances pick up but then I’ll never get to see my younger kids or take them to their sports activities or to see their matches on the weekends.

Retired for more than fifteen years, we now will face helping our third grandchild begin her college years. Funds will be very tight, especially since her step-father has been unemployed for two years and her biological father seldom pays his child support; to support her family, our daughter works extra shifts at the hospital. We help as much as we can… this opportunity would help significantly.

I have wanted a home business for years. I have purchased two from you but never been able to do anything. Maybe this is the one for me! I am retired and need extra income.

For anyone looking to do home repairs to make your house a safer place to live or do repairs or emergency repairs look in your County for your local USDA Office, they have a program as long as you own your own place where they get grants and make personal loans or a combination of both to make home improvements; the loan payments and how much you pay is based on your income and what they feel you can afford without hurting yourself, you simply get a couple bids for all the repairs that you need and they can help you. This is a great program and we refer customers every week. I believe they place a lien on your property for the amount of the loan you are responsible (if any) to pay back as collateral so you don’t have to be creditworthy either for anyone that might be a problem for.

I’m on a disability pension and I don’t get raises, including a cost-of-living increase, so if I could make some extra money to help me breathe a little easier each month it would be great. I’ve been looking for something to do from home, on the Internet for quite some time now, but I haven’t been successful. It’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet since everything goes up except for my pay. I can’t make a lot of extra money, but some would be so helpful.

Hello, this is my first post on your site, and I’m excited to be visiting; I also expect to become a regular here. I love your recipes!
If I had an extra $500-$1,000 per month, I would use it to supplement our income to where I won’t have to go back to work.
I was recently laid off from my job. My husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I need to stay home to take care of him. He’s not faring very well and needs constant care. I’m not complaining, but the extra income would enable me to continue staying home with him and not have to go back to work and leave him alone.
This would ease my mind and my heart.
I am eligible to take early Social Security, and I have, but it doesn’t stretch nearly far enough to meet our monthly obligations.

I sincerely hope I will be chosen to be in your Inner Circle.

Mary Alice Gibbons

I want this for my son. He is in the process of divorce which I have to pay for since he has had a nervous breakdown, attempted suicide 3 times and is deaf and can’t find a job. Everything seems hopeless and he is totally computer literate. He is about to lose all visitation with his 2 children since he has no car and no visible means of providing for them. If you can help, it would be appreciated.

I am disabled with not much income. The first $500-$1500 would be used to pay off bills. I’d like to be debt free in the near future. Please consider me for this program.:stuck_out_tongue:

I would pay for some educational expenses, invest , as well as pay some bills off. I also would teach my kids how to earn some extra money.

Good evening Ron, hope all is well with you and your family. I enjoy and look forward to your e-mails. I am sure that there are thousands of people in our country who could use the extra income and everyone has their own unique story/needs. My daughter lives in a residential home and I would like to help provide medical care for the other consumers in the home who do not have a family (or financial support). The govt. has stopped their dental, vision and podiatry coverage. I would like to start a fund/foundation to help those people who are not as fortunate as my daughter. I will look forward to participating in the pilot program if there is a spot available for me. Have a great weekend. Take care, Adwenia :slight_smile:

I would love to have this opportunity. I am a mother of 3 boys, two of whom will be in college next year. I work at a middle school as an instructional aid and love working with the kids. I do not want to give this up, however, I really could use some extra money to help my boys with their college expenses. I realize that I am in a better place than many. I do not want to take place of someone who needs the money for their own welfare. Thank you Mike for this opportunity!

Hi Ron,
I am A very hard worker and I really do like my job, I have been there for almost 18 years… The only problem is that I have no retirement, no 401K or pension of any type. When all is said and done, I have nothing to show for a big part of my life that I have devoted to this job. So my answer to your question is that I would like to make some extra money to plan for my future, my retirement and something to leave my children. I know that there are people out there that have many needs and problems that make mine look minor and I really wish them well and hope that you are able to help them. I have some health problems myself, but I still have to go to work everyday and I just live with them, as painful as they are. So maybe that is another thing that I could do with the extra money. Get the procedures that I need done so that I would not have to live with the pain everyday.

My precious daughter and I live in a beautiful mobile home community out in the country, but our home is very old and rapidly deteriorating. We need a new home with lots more space. $1500/mo would allow us to finally get out of our old falling-apart home.
I am a disabled senior and live on a very low fixed income. My daughter brings in a little less than twice that and we just make it from month to month.
I have been trying to find a genuine opportunity to start an internet based business so we can finally get ahead. $1500 more each month would be an answer to our prayers. I believe GOD will provide for us, as He always does, and I’m thinking that maybe this is the way He’ll do it.
Thanks for reading this. GOD bless you.