sabarro pizza dough

i love sabarro pizza and sauce ,any recipes out there.
p/s i lost my secret rest recipes book please help.
thanks bill.:cry:

thank you.
i will make this recipe to night,i also need a crust recipe can you help me?
thanks bill

I worked at Sabarro’s years ago… I will tell you that the recipe above isn’t close. They use a malt ingredient. Dry yeast malt, Hot water, (activates the yeast) Oil and gluten flour. (the flour might have changed due to gluten allergies now)

Sauces are not all the same the Marinara is more oil… It was used to coat the bottom of pans for pastas, meatballs ect. So not to dry out the dish. Pizza sauce recipe is close from what I can recall. The pasta sauce is thicker and more sweet. Usually given with a stomboli, ontop of stuffed pizza at the resturants.

My favorite recipe for Sbarro’s was the garlic potatoes.
Red potatoes
Garlic powder
white pepper
and bake till tender

The spagetti
Simple toast slivered garlic till toasted in a bit of olive oil. pour over cooked pasta and toss. Adds that authentic italian flavor many have come to love.