Safeway Cranberry Relishes

For years I have purchased Safeway’s cranberry relishes from their deli counter. They had 2 of them, one with orange flavoring, and one with nuts. I would always buy the same amount of each and mix them for one AWESOME cranberry relish. Now they tell me that they are discontinuing them (in Arizona). Horrors! I’d like to be able to recreate those relishes at home. Does anyone have any idea of how to do these at home?

Kateee - first of all welcome - would this help you at all?

1 pk Fresh cranberries
2 c Sugar
2 ea Oranges, medium
1 c English walnuts, well broken

Segment and seed oranges, removing all membranes. Grind cranberries and oranges together. Add sugar and nuts. Mix well and refrigerate to chill. May be served immediately, but taste is improved if allowed to blend one day. Will keep approximately 2 weeks if kept refrigerated in glass container.