Salmon is for dinner

I prepare my salmon as I was tought growing up in the Seattle area where fresh fish is every where. I miss it.
1 salmon filet about 3 lbs
cedar plank, soaked for 30-45 min
fresh lemon
fresh dill
teaspoon of sugar
teaspoon of old bay
1 clove of garlic
After soaking the plank I put the filet on it skin side down. Pat the Salmon dry. Cut lemon in half and juice 1 half, pur over salmon. Slice the other half into thin rings and set aside. Sprinkle sugar and old bay over salmon. Chop dill and garilc fine and put on salmon, then place lemon rings on top. Warm the grill to med. put the planked fish on for about 20 min. The wood will smoke and that’s what gives the fish such a great taste.