Salt in egg pickling

Hello. My boyfriend and I tried pickled eggs for the first time, he fell in love and we endeavored to make them today. we found a recipe on a website for “British Pub Pickled Eggs.” After making them, every recipe we’ve looked at says salt is one of the necessary ingredients but none of the recipes on the website included any salt in them. Will these eggs turn out properly? Should we add salt? Is the batch ruined? Any assistance would be much appreciated. Here is the link that the recipe came from…
How to make pickled eggs - Includes 3 recipes for pickling eggs.
Thank you!

Salt would just be used for flavoring and would be optional. The important part about pickling eggs in today’s world is that they MUST be refrigerated.

Depending on the spiciness of your brine solution, some people will use a toothpick to pierce the eggs several times which allows the brine to penetrate deeper into the egg.