Sample Room Spring Risotto

Sample Room Spring Risotto

6 oz par cooked risotto(catabolic rice)

4 oz Mississippi mushroom mix (oysters, lions name)

2 tablespoon Shallot, small dice

2 teaspoon garlic, small dice

4 asparagus spears, biased cut

2 cups mushroom stock(made from mushroom stems)

1 oz goat cheese

1 oz butter

2 teaspoon fresh herbs (parsley, chervil, tarragon, chive)

2 teaspoon truffle oil

Pour small amount of oil in sauce pan and add garlic and Shallot. Sweat until translucent and add raw mushrooms and asparagus. Roast lightly. Add in par-cooked rice and mushroom stock. Stir with wooden spoon until rice is Al dente and creamy. Add butter, goat cheese and parmesan. Continue stirring and season to taste. Garnish with herbs, parmesan and truffle oil.