Sausage and Navy bean soup

I just tried this and it taste really good. I had some dried navy beans that had been soaking overnight. Realising I had no ham left, I figured why not the smoked sausage.

Start beans to cook.
Brown smoked sausage that has been cut into small cubes
Carmelize some onions in the pan after you take the sausage out.
Put sausage, onions in beans.
Pour some water in the pan used for meat to get that gravy part and pour it into beans.
Add some worcestishire sauce in mine. I also like my stuff kind of spicy so I added some seasonings.

Exactly what kind of smoked sausage are you using?

Do you serve this with crackers and cheese and them tiny little hotdogs on toothpicks. Is it on the rocks or straight up?

Sounds like a great mixed drink for a special party!