Sear and roast techniques

I have been trying to use the “sear and roast” technique, where you sear steak, salmon, chops, etc. over high heat, then finish cooking in the oven. The recipe instructions are clear on the first step, but don’t seem to work for me. The instructions are to not move the meat after putting it in the pan until it “releases”. After the projected time, usually 2-3 minutes, the meat still doesn’t release. After several minutes more I finally panic and force the meat loose so it can be turned over. This, of course, ruins the seared texture.

My question: is it possible that my pan is too cool, or maybe too hot, causing the meat to stick instead of releasing? Any other factor that may be causing this?

Thanks for the help.

First of all - your pan must be HOT before you add your fat (oil, shortening, etc.) and then the fat has to be HOT before you add the meat. Sear over very high heat.

By searing all sides of the meat you are sealing in the juices.

I also use a heavy pan when searing.

Hope this helps.